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I am really happy you found this page, my wish is to help you get healthier, leaner and more fit – and to help you stay healthy, lean and fit 🙂

Who am I?

ketogenic fitness club - About SaemiMy name is Saemundur (Saemi for short), and I am an avid Health & Fitness Enthusiast who has helped several people in my community lose weight, build muscle, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

It all started when I was 8….

But first let me fast-forward a bit: at 12 I was introduced to Basketball and trained my way to dunking the ball on a 10ft hoop at 5.7 tall at 15 years old (I write this with great pride), with no equipment other than a basketball and implementing body weight training.

As I turned 16, I was allowed to train using weights. And that’s when I first joined a gym,ketogenic fitness club - young guys at the gym or an “Athlete Club”, as it housed competing athletes from my home town whom most of which, both Juniors and Seniors, competed at a National level in Classic Weightlifting.

Me and two of my closest friends joined the club together, as we were all tiny, underweight and neither of us felt like setting a foot in a gym without being held accountable by a friend. Let alone going there by ourselves.

As the weeks went by, we made constant progress. Gaining strength week by week, and setting personal goals one after the other. But none of us was putting on any muscle…

Not getting the results we were looking for fast enough was really frustrating to all of us, and soon the initial buzz of gaining strength wore off, other activities like hanging out with other friends and going to parties, became more and more interesting and going to the Athlete Club became less and less intriguing.

Back to when I was 8…

ketogenic fitness club - about saemi 2Sunday November 2nd 1986, I had been out visiting a next door friend playing computer games on his Amiga 500, and just like on any other Sunday I’d come home at around 5 PM to eat supper and settle down for the evening, only this time something was different.

As I got into the front hallway and was just about to kick off my shoes, my mom abruptly opened the inner door and told me to keep my shoes on and go outside for a minute. This was very unusual as she was normally happy to see that I was home safely and timely, as I should on a school night.

During the few seconds the door was open, I could see my stepfather lying lifelessly on the hallway floor with his mouth open. My mom saw that I saw him and walked with me to the front porch, and began to tell me that he probably suffered a heart attack and that she had called an ambulance. This was his 3rd one.

His lifestyle of heavy drinking, smoking and not taking care of his body at all, had caught up with him.

He was never overweight or anything, but had over his 46 years never made any effort toketogenic fitness club - about saemi - smoking stepfather take care of himself, or the relationships to the people around him. He smoked all the time, heavily and relentlessly, except when he was on an oil rig in the North Sea. His domestic abuse had taken a toll on our family, and long story short, mom had finally given him an ultimatum just a few months back.

The irony of this story is that on this Sunday, he had just got back to shore after his first trip to the rig after sobering up for 3 months at a rehab center, and he and my mom were getting ready to leave the house to visit some friends.

Needless to say, they never made it. He didn’t anyway.

I had just had my first encounter with the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, and already at this early age, it began to shape my interest for Health, and later on Fitness.

ketogenic fitness club - about saemi and why I want to help youWHY I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE

As you may have gathered, this is just a snippet of what could easily have become a book about broken families, heart aches, cigarette burns, bruises and lies to cover up an all so dark domestic history.

But I understand that we all have a story, a story that has led us to wherever we are at the moment. That all our stories are of mischief and broken hearts, no matter what kind of household we’ve fostered from.

No matter the story, there is something in our story that pulls us towards the want, or need, to live a healthier life. No matter our body weight or BMI, we want to live our life utilizing the power of healthy eating habits, and Fitness.


The purpose of every post on Ketogenic Fitness Club, and ultimately the goal of my website: To help you gain clarity of what Keto is, and how eating ketogenically will help heal your liver and pancreas, and have you looking leaner and shedding more fat, in less time than anything else you will find.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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