Keto is a fast weight loss diet

Fast Weight Loss Diet & How Keto Fits The Bill

This is the question I get the most: “is Keto a fast weight loss diet?”.

To answer the question I first need to get clear on what the person asking means by the word diet. “Diet” is used mostly about short term measures for people in need of a quick fix to lose a few.

But the word also defines the eating patterns of any lifestyle all together.

The definition of a diet is simply conciously choosing certain foods over other foods. This is often put into a program with a time frame attached to it, like The 3 Week Diet. And it makes sense. You will need to stay focused and follow that particular program for 3 weeks to achieve the advertized results.


keto is a fast weight loss dietKeto is Not a Diet

Not when the word is used to explain the “fads” sold as ways to lose 7 pounds in 7 days. Diets like these have a “deadline” or predetermined time the diet will take for you to “complete” the diet.

But Keto is different. I’ll elaborate in a few paragraphs.

Most Health and Nutrition Experts believe you should avoid the Yo-Yo’ing that comes with “dieting”, it is not good for your hormone levels, your immune system, your skin, bones – or morals, for that matter. I’d go as far as to say it can be harmful to both your physical body as well as your mental state.


No One Should Ever Try Keto

Going keto, or adapting to the ketogenic lifestyle rather, should be a well considered and thoroughly thought through decision.

And this is important, be absolutely sure before you decide to venture into keto. I say this because keto is not a  conventional diet, and it is not something you “try out to see if it works” type of thing. Neither should any other diet program or proper food plan be, something to try out.

The reason for my warning here, is because the mindset you are in when you decide to try something, is synonym with failure. Then by giving up, thinking it wasn’t worth the effort, saying out loud it didn’t work for me, or even claiming the whole idea is a scam – you eventually fall back to your previous patterns.

And you soon enough feel the way you felt the day when you decided to change something, meaning you are back to square one.

If this was you at some point with one or the other diet program – I hate to break the news to you, but:

There was nothing wrong with the program itself, it was your internal programming in regards to the task at hand of following through with the program that was off.


Keto Will Change Your Body

Rapid weight loss in the form of fat leaving your body is not your only benefit.

Yes, many people lose weight fast once their bodies adapt and reach ketosis. In the beginning the weight lost is mostly water, meaning you need to up your water-intake substantially if you don’t drink the recommended amount already.

Ketosis is the state when your liver produces ketone bodies (ketones) for fuel instead of producing glucose. Ketosis is achieved in various ways, mostly through fasting and through eating healthy fats and not the “normal” carbohydrate foods most people in the western world live by.

But there are other and perhaps more important benefits of keto.

One of which is having a clearer mind, being able to think more clearly. This may sound like nothing, but once you experience it – you are “in the know” and realize you have never thought more clearly before. Ever.

In my first meeting at work after getting keto-adapted, I saw our challenges in a different light and with a bigger mindset. I quickly provided our group with new insights and solutions that had not been suggested before.

Needless to say, my clear and innovative thinking impressed both my boss and my peers as well as myself. The moment of realizing that I knew why this clear-headed chain of thought occured, gave me new motivation and a strong belief in my new lifestyle.

I contiune to be “on top” of things, both at work and privately.

I quickly adapt to unexpected questions about rare or unusual topics, or new angles of known topics. And I am able to engage actively in lengthy conversations on topics I’ve never heard of before.

None of these traits has ever been a goal of mine, but is just an added benefit or side-effect of becoming keto-adapted.

Another benefit is that you don’t experience highs and lows, you don’t feel sudden bursts of hunger during the day. And you don’t feel lethargic after a meal and feel the need to lie down or take a nap.

Don’t get me wrong, naps are great and can be really beneficial. Especially in order to perform optimally, both mentally and physically.

But YOU should be the one who decide to take a nap and when to do so. It should never be your bodys state forcing you to take a nap after a meal.


Keto Friendly Alcohol Drinks – Can I Have Alcohol Drinks on Keto?


Super Fast Weight Loss Diet

Keto has proven to be a really fast weight loss plan – and I dare to say the fastest weight loss is done through keto. I’m willing to bet that no other plan, program or diet will have you dropping pounds like you do on keto. And in a healthy way, I might add.

Keto is the absolute quickest way to your waste line goals, and you won’t go hungry for one minute. Combine Keto with intermittent fasting and you have a sure winner.

Keto is especially good if you want to get rid of an inch or two around your waist within a week or two.

If you ever wanted to drop a few around your waist, you know what I mean. MSP, or mid-section pounds, are the hardest pounds to lose. But rest assured that this fast weight loss diet can help you, because it does wonders to any waistline.

You will easily lose 1 inch in the first week, good to know if you have a dress you need to fit into by this time next week.

Pounds come off rapidly during your first couple of weeks when adapting to keto. Excess bellyfat will start to fade as your gut decreases when cleaning out your intestines by eating only above-ground vegetables, meats and healthy fats.

Keto adaptation

This takes anywhere from 24-72 hrs for people who have trained their bodies to be metabolically flexible, to 10-14 days for those who have been “insulin-unaware” all their life.

This means you will become keto-adapted within 2 weeks, no matter your starting point if you follow directions.

Now, I do not eat keto every day of the year, but when I feel the need to reset and adapt, it takes me 48 hours to get my body into ketosis. My wife does the same in 24 hours and with less effort, most likely because she is more prudent when it comes to food choices all week long, where as I cheat more. But considering my goals are somewhat different from hers and my body handles starches and sugars better than hers, this makes perfect sense.

We are all different and need to take different measures to get to where we want.

Know what you want to achieve and take inventory

If you want to get to any weight loss or weight gain goal, you need to take inventory often. By taking inventory I mean listening to your bodys signals. Take into account what you are doing in terms of exercise, what you are eating and how you feel.

If you develop the habit of taking inventory every day, you will identify what goes and what doesn’t very quickly.


What’s the best weight loss diet?

IMO it is going Keto par none. You will get the fastest results than from any other quick weight loss diet program found on the planet. And because you are setting yourself up for success for the long term.

I encourage you to learn the principles of keto and how they affect YOUR body. This way you will have the exact formula at hand whenever you feel the need to reset your metabolism.

This program may help you achieve your goals

Learn an easy way to go from your current diet over to Keto, without struggle or too much work. I have this for you: The Bulletproof Keto Diet.

This is my way of working the most stubborn metabolism into ketosis. We take the slower and more controlled route, but still achieve our desired goal within just a few weeks. This makes it a truly potent fast weight loss diet.


Let me know what you think. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂
I am here to help you!


FYI: The Bulletproof Keto Diet is a great fast diet program.

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