What is the Best Ketogenic Diet Plan – And is There Such a Thing as a Best Ketogenic Diet Plan?

When first starting out a Keto diet or going Keto as some would call it, many think that in order to succeed they need the best ketogenic diet plan in order to do so. This simply is not the case, you only need to be conscious about a few things to allow your body to move into a state of Ketosis, and it really isn’t that difficult.

Does a Ketogenic diet plan include carbs?

ketogenic diet planYes. And no.

I must admit I enjoy a low-carb beer with my steaks, a 0,33cl beer of this kind sets me back about 3,4g of carbs, and as long as I take this amount into calculation, I’m all good 🙂

It all depends on how bad ass Keto you want to go. If you exclude carbs all together you will force your body into ketosis faster, as within a few days to one week depending on your insulin tolerance level, but it requires much more “work” on your part, and you will need to plan your meals more accurately as i t is a lot harder to do than by following my recommended approach.

I normally would recommend following a ketogenic diet plan that limits your daily carb intake to 25g of NET carbs. This gets pretty easy to do once you get familiar with what to eat when you’re hungry. Also, once fully adapted – within 2-3 weeks – your cravings for sweets will have evaporated, and you will enjoy kale, cucumbers or other greens as your preferred snack.

How to calculate NET carbs, and why they fit into a Ketogenic Diet plan

Ketogenic Diet Plan - CucumberThe way to calculate your NET carb intake, is to withdraw every carb from fibers like broccoli and cauliflower from your macros. And by NET carbs, I mean carb intake BESIDES fibers, like sugars or starches, like potatoes, bread or pastas.

Now, if you think that you’ll have to limit your intake of broccoli when following this approach, let me tell you that in 1 cup of broccoli you only have 2,5g of fibers. That means even still if you couldn’t withdraw the carbs from greens, you still could eat 10 cups of broccoli per day without exceeding the daily limit.

But we can eat as much as we like when it comes to greens and vegetables, load up and eat all you like!

That means you will never starve when following a ketogenic diet.

Your primary source of food will come from fats

Ketogenic diet plan - avocado 75-80% of your food intake should be from fats, and you should aim to get most of these fats from healthy fat sources like almonds, avocados, macadamia nuts, MCT-oils like coconut oil, fish and eggs. 10-15% should be protein, preferably from meats or added via supplements like Whey Protein mixed into a shake.

Eating fats in such a high percentage will have you fill up more easily than when on an ordinary medium-carb diet, and you will not get those hunger bursts either. Fats will leave the body more satisfied and feel full for much longer periods of time, as fats are higher density on a molecular level and the body needs longer to burn them.

With time, as your body burns the fats eaten, it will shift into using your stored fat cells for fuel as it has become custom to using fats as its primary source of energy. This will also give you more optimized brain capacity as an added benefit, clearer thoughts and having a calmer mind have been described by thousands of people that have “gone Keto”.

The easy carb-identifying factor for following a Keto Plan

What are Carbs? Carbs are essentially made of fibers, starches and sugars.

Examples of fibers are green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus. Starches are found in potatoes, bread, pastas, grains, cereals, corn and beans. Sugars are also present in all greens via sucrose made by photosynthesis, the ones that are highest in sugar levels are tomatoes, paprika and peppers.

Ketogenic diet plan - avocado saladWith Ketogenic Fitness Clubs simplified approach to Keto, we basically can eat all the greens and vegetables we want, as long as we aim to have 75-80% of our total nutritional intake, to come from healthy fats.

Getting enough fats can be challenging at first, but just by reading on the package you get a pretty good understanding of what contains the most fat fairly fast. And remember, the carb amount in anything you eat, should not exceed 5-6g per 100g.

Mayonnaise for instance, contains 80% fat and only 2% carbs. One good snack I prefer when feeling a bit hungry, perhaps in between meals, are ham and cheese carvings rolled around some mayonnaise. You will soon enough find your own favorite high fat snack in no time.

ketogenic diet plan - kaleCarb calculation when on a Ketogenic Diet

By adding together the carbs contained in the meals you eat over the day, and withdrawing grams of carbs from greens – you have your NET carb intake.

Example: You eat 1.5 cups of broccoli and 1/2 cup of pasta. The pasta counts towards your 25g daily carb intake, but the broccoli doesn’t. This means you can eat as many greens as you like without having to count them as carbs, so basically you get a free pass on all the vegetables you eat.

This is a great way to fill up as it allows you to eat as much as you like, plus you have the added benefit of cleansing your kidneys and liver whilst keeping your insulin levels to a minimum.

Low insulin levels forces your body into using ketones for fuel

ketogenic diet plan - healthy liver, healthy lifeYour body’s ability to use ketones as its main fuel source is directly dependent of your insulin level. Low carb intake over time keeps your insulin levels low and thus helps your body to change gears, and will use fat as its main fuel source.

The minute (literally) you eat carbs, your body goes back to using carbs as fuel and you shut down fat burn. Now, I am not saying that Keto is primarily a tool for fat loss, there are several reasons to why I would choose Keto over pretty much any diet as I am a true Carnivore – but fat loss is an added side effect of eating according to a ketogenic diet plan, leaving you leaner and with more energy to live your life by your terms.

2 thoughts on “What is the Best Ketogenic Diet Plan – And is There Such a Thing as a Best Ketogenic Diet Plan?

  1. Great article.
    I’ve been doing Keto since the end of May and I’ve lost 40 pounds. You are right, once you get used to what it eat it becomes much easier.
    I really enjoy this way of eating.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Great job! That’s amazing and such a success-story you have 🙂

      I find it liberating knowing that the knowledge and application of Keto comes to good use for as many people as possible, and your example is live proof that eating the right foods makes all the difference.

      You are a true inspiration – may you inpire others to take determined action to better their lives, wherever you go!

      With love and respect,

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